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The “Il Novecento” Art Gallery was born in 1987 in Salerno, Posidonia Street. Right then it has proposed many artists such as Cascella, Guttuso, Sassu, Gatto, Cazzaniga, Caffè, Borghese, Treccani, Ferraro, Prestileo, Giorgi, Scalco, Bonanni in both one-man and group exhibitions.

Year after year it has been followed by a great deal of collectors and art lovers by drawing the public and critics' attention.

In 1991 the gallery opened a new exhibition area in Portanova Square, in the heart of Salerno, where it mounted very important exhibitions such as the ones by Randall Morgan, Salvatore Fiume and above all Giovanni Barbisan with the presentation and visit by Vittorio Sgarbi.

In summer it arranged some exhibition areas in famous resorts such as Amalfi, Maratea, Palinuro.

In 1995 the summer branch was opened in Portoferraio (Isola d'Elba) with the permanent exhibition of works by some artists of the Italian 20th century such as Sironi, Rosai, Campigli, Gentilini, Dova, De Chirico and others.

In 2000 the central seat of Salerno moved to Via Velia 36 where the gallery presents not only  exhibitions by well-known artists, but also by new talented artists of the international artistic panorama such as Aguzzi, De Lucchi, Grimaldi, Grandi, Musante,Volpe, Giusti, Caponi, Massagrande, Faccincani, Palumbo, Toffoletti.

In 2002 and 2003, the local government of Portoferraio entrusted the gallery the task of arranging the cultural programme using the “Telemaco Signorini” show-room and the “Teatro dei Vigilanti”, two historical buildings that have been recently restored and are important poles of the cultural life of Portoferraio.

The artistic event was called “Portoferraio, porto di cultura - Pittori e scrittori del nostro tempo” (Portoferraio, Cultural Port. Painters and Writers of our time).

Successful artists (Arlati, Squillantini, Albert, Volpe, Aguzzi), a group of sculptors

(Mitoraj, Botero, Manzù, Greco,Pomodoro, Messina), and writers (Bevilacqua, Zecchi, Pasini, Spinosa, Miti) were part of the programme.

In 2010 the summer branch of the gallery moved from Portoferraio to Poltu Quatu (Emerald Coast – Sardinia) where several works by the sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato are on permanent exhibition.

Even in this new area, the gallery proposes artists who are  popular in both the national and international field, but it also pays attention to the world of young artists, full of artistic and cultural innovations.

In December 2011, in Salerno, in Via Marino Freccia 72, with a solo exhibition of Rabarama, the gallery inaugurate a major exhibition space where it can project events and exhibitions to new researches and new perspectives.