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Aleandro Roncarà was born in the small Lagoon Town of Orbetello on February 1st , 46 springs ago.

Former professional basketball player (he played in Premier League, the Serie A,  for several years). Eclectic and imaginative by nature (after all he’s Sign is Aquarius!), in '92 he opened a graphic design studio.

He’s been managing the family restaurant for the past 20 years.

He’s been drawing cartoons forever, on everything (diaries, walls, trains and plaster casts from the hospital!). And it is this passion, and the encouragement of his three children that in 2005 led him to grasp the paintbrush. So, that’s how he started painting, for fun. For two years he has been working on drafting a novel that has his curious characters as protagonists. He draws, bakes cakes and paints in his one and only true "eternal" city, Montecatini Terme.