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Angelo Accardi was born in 1964 in Sapri (Salerno).

A short interval at the Art Academy of Naples marks the beginning of an identity crisis that will go on for a few years, and in this period his work evolves toward the abstract.

In the beginning of the nineties Accardi sets up his personal studio at Sapri and in the same period he exhibits in prestigeous galleries in Italy and abroad, such as Rossetti and Pini in Rome, the Manzoni Art Studio of Milan and the Klaus Lea Gallery of Munich.

The works of the cycle called “Human Collection” were initially exhibited in Vancouver, Canada. This exhibition then led to a five year collaboration with the Korean gallerist, Robert Kwon.

In 2001 he began his association with two prestigeous galleries: Spazio Arte at Rovereto and Battaglia of Milan, follower by personal and group exhibitions, such as “Speed Generation” and “Vicious”, which will give Accardi access to more stimulating artistic environments. Trough the collaboration with the florentine gallerist Giovannini, fifteen of his works have been exhibited in Florence, Innsbruch, Barcellona, and Budapest, during the travelling exhibition “Enjoy the Silence”. With the new avant-garde group “Tantarte” he partecipates at the “Galleria Italia” in Shanghai in 2006. Since then, especially with the cycle "Misplaced", he began an uninterrupted series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad.