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Francesco Nesi is born September 30, 1952 in San Casciano V.P., Tuscany. At present, he lives and works in Tavarnelle V.P.

Nesi is a self-taught painter. His extreme love for art has permitted him to devote all his time to painting. following his passion, painting has become a real work. The message, contained in Nesi's life, is very clear: every dream has to be realized, for our life's love. It's properly this dream, the real essence of Nesi's works, and Tuscany, with its harmonieous country and coloured hills, is the perfect setting. From this fertile imaginary world, it bears a fantastic tree, from where ironical and dreamy characters, flying wakes, bright and moved colours, hills, dreams and winds branch off, to create the marvellous and dancing atmosphere of Nesi's world.

It's not only Tuscan nature that forms the artist's background, but also Tuscany's culture. noone can remain indifferent to the Middle Age and the florentine Renascence. Nesi's deep sensitivity consists in rivisiting the Old Bridge, the Signoria Palace, the Cathedral throught his own deforming viewpoint.

Nesi was awarded in his childhood lots of times in painting and drawing; in 1985 he was awarded with the Bargellini prize and he had an important solo exibition in the National Library in Florence. The city of Florence has appreciated Nesi's work at the Leopolda Station, at the Association G. Battista, at the Leopoldina monastery, at the Excelsior and Helvetia Bristol Hotels. At the Signoria Palace he was prized for painting with the Golden Fiorino.

Lots of italian cities and towns have hosted nesi's solo and collective exhibitions: Vigevano, Ferrara, Brescia, Parma, Lucca, Bari, Barberini Palace in Rome, and many others. Nesi's paintings is well known also abroad: in muenchen and Minden, Germany, in paris, Cap d'Antibes and Chaumont, France. In 1997 Nasi was present at the Artexpo of New York, USA. From then on, he has been collaborating with an artgallery in Carmel, California and in Seattle, Washington.

Nesi's work is always appreciated for the harmony of colour and for the clever construction of landscapes. His figures are at the same time, performers of happy dreams, and protagonists of a world that tries to find answers to the most important questions of life. Nesi's view of life is ironical and playful and his message is always an optimistic one.