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Ottorino De Lucchi was born in Ferrara, on the 8th November 1951.

Graduated in chemistry (1975) and pharmacy (1977) at the University of Padova.

Researcher at the University of Padova and lecturer of organic chemistry at University of Sassari.

Since 1990 lecturer of organic chemistry at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.

He has been the director of the Spectroscopy Centre and of the Dipartment of Chemistry at the University of Sassari, member of the administration board, delegated member of the Nucleus of Evaluation at the University Ca’ Foscari Venice, as well as author of over a hundred amongst proceedings and communications at congresses.

He is member of the Italian Chemistry Association since 1977, where he has been the president of the department of organic chemistry and since 1979 member of the American Chemical Society.

In 1984 he was awarded the medal Ciamician from the Italian Chemistry Association, In 1993 the award Federchimica and in 1997 the prestigious Zeneca lecture prize in Wilmington, USA.

During his life he has always been an artist, intercalating his profession as a chemical lecturer above all during his long absences abroad or far from home.

In this way he has had the possibility of studying and understanding the pictorial technique and material used and now holds a course at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.

During his stay in America he became acquainted  to the works of Andrew Wyeth, becoming keen on his techniques and virtuosity of his paintings, defined drybush.

He began a series of experiments that have given an original independent technique, both in the performance than in the content.

The use of watercolour where the link pigment-binder is optimal both for the transparency, brightness and luminosity of the colours.

The effect obtained using only brushes, paper and material are particularly adapt to describe still life and landscapes.

The shades and the application of colour obtained allow the results which are not obtained with other techniques.

He lives in Padova and teaches in Venice, his artistic activity takes place between Padova and Folgaria (TN).