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Sergio Fiorentino has recently started painting again, after a long pause, he is now spellbound and gripped in a frenetic desire take up his brush again.
He can deny it no longer, so back with a greater maturity than when he studied at the Catania Academy with Franco Piruca, he is both studying and creating, adhering to his own personal vision of humans and things.
In his realism or rather hyper-realism, that especially applies to his faces, Sergio reveals his knowledge and deep understanding of contemporary hyper-realistic portraiture, covering several figurative styles that particularly attract many young painters today. The zoomed in, detailed face becomes his preferred icon: a series of faces are scattered across his canvases with a marked modernity, yet they also evoke classical styles with a preference for a plasticity, a fleshy voluminosity, that echo the essential form of ancient sculptures.